TSALBP: Time and Space constrained Assembly Line Balancing Problems

Source Codes

  • TSALBP v2.0

This project contains the latest published algorithms and preference schemes for the TSALBP. See Publications section for the references of the algorithms and multiobjective mechanisms. In addition, this version of the software makes use of a Qt graphical user interface and a XML parameters file format. Examples of the XML parameter files are located in the distribution package to perform quick runs of the algorithms.

The source code is programmed using C++ language but as TSALBP v2.0 can be launched by a GUI, Qt libraries and gnuplot (>= 4.4) are also needed to compile the project. After solving dependences, you can then compile the software using qmake and the installation templates included in the distribution (tsalbp_v2_0.pro). More information about the changes and installation steps are detailed in the README.txt file of the package.

The compilation will also need an extra package called Paradiseo 1.1 (download from here). Check the installation steps of Paradiseo in its Web site. Once you have downloaded it, you need to install it on your system and link it in the makefile template files as shown in the README.txt file.

When TSALBP is installed, run the application in the console mode or using the Qt GUI:

$ ./tsalbp_v2_0 "datasetFile" "outputFile" "parameterXMLFile" "seed" (for console based running)

$ ./tsalbp_v2_0 --gui (for GUI running)

Do not hesitate to contact author for help: mchserrano[arroba]gmail.com

Download TSALBP v2.0 source code

This source code is not a commercial release. It was developed for researching purposes. The research group allows the use of the code but they do not support or guarantee the software. Feel free to contact us for any problem or comment at: manuel.chica@softcomputing.es.